Root Canal Treatment in Stouffville

A root canal treatment offers relief from pain in the teeth or gums. You might need a root canal if:

  • You have a strong toothache, especially a very deep one.
  • A much shallower instance of cavity or decay has been left untreated, and spread deeper into the tooth structure.
  • A tooth has become broken or damaged, there is a possibility of deeper damage and decay.
  • You have had extensive work on one tooth.

What is Root Canal Treatment?

When the core of your tooth - referred to as the "pulp" - becomes infected or inflamed, we perform root canal therapy to treat it. Left unattended, an infected pulp can cause loss of teeth, pain, swelling, or an abscess. Root canal therapy is the best method for preventing teeth extraction and the need for dentures or implants.

Root Canal Procedure

During the treatment, the damaged areas of the teeth are removed. Next, the inside of the tooth will be disinfected. The root canals will be filled with a rubber-like material and the pulp chamber is filled with cotton, and a temporary filling used to seal the opening. During the next visit, the temporary filling will be replaced with a core buildup and the tooth is finished with a filling or a crown.

Due to local anesthesia, the patient would feel little to no pain during the entire procedure. It may take a couple of visits to our Stouffville dental office to ensure that your teeth are healed properly and the infection removed completely.

If you think you may need a root canal treatment, book an appointment at Hoover Park Dental today for a thorough examination. We always welcome new patients from Stouffville, Ballantrae, Uxbridge and surrounding areas.

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