Sport and Night Mouthguards in Stouffville

Although they are both removable guards worn inside the mouth, a sport mouthguard and night guards are used for very different purposes.


A sportsguard is a piece of safety equipment for contact sports such as hockey, soccer, or self-defense. These acrylic, retainer-like guards help protect teeth and jaw joints from trauma, and are a crucial component of concussion prevention. They are custom-made to suit the mouth of each individual.


A night guard is used to prevent bruxism - excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching. Bruxism is an unconscious habit that is caused by stress, misaligned teeth and posture, and/or poor dietary and sleeping habits. The effects of bruxism include sore facial muscles, headaches, earaches, jaw pain, achy or sensitive teeth, and the excessive wear and breakage of teeth. A night guard would stop bruxism by preventing your upper and lower teeth from touching. Like the sportsguard, they are also custom-fitted. However, they are made using a thinner material.

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